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Free user-friendly, Project Workflow Management System.

#1 Choice for Creatives, Entrepreneurial Teams, and Project-based Organizations.

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Workflow solution that matches any type of project in any type of industry Project Organization based on different roles as there are many specialists involved in projects. Personal Timeline based on your individual knowledge needs. Focus on Project Outcomes like benefits and capabilities to keep your projects on track. Global resourcing: invite new project members and talent from an international pool of knowledge workers.


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Project Knowmad users have a choice, based on many ways of managing work. The first way is inspired by traditional management and agile product delivery, namely HybridP3M. The second way is highly accessible for people with different backgrounds and skill sets, namely Start-Middle-End (SME). SME is easier and more applicable to informal projects, small in size. SME is also less academic, and has less overhead.

HybridP3M: Exclusive, Extensive, for Full scale projects and programmes, driven by agile portfolios, combining predictive and agile capability, with a variable planning horizon. Choose this methodology when project success depends on effective project management and organizational project management capability. This applies to project-driven organizations and most project-dependent organizations.

Start-Middle-End: Generic, Minimalistic, for small and mini projects, and specific tasks on the 'task versus project borderline' (too small for a project, too big for a task). SME is the latest methodology for managing complex tasks that can be regarded as mini projects. In case of SME, the difference between project and Business as Usual (BaU) is not so evident. Moreover, line functions can trigger mini projects. So projects can be anywhere in the organization, or across people networks.

The advantage of SME is recognition of project skills without the bureaucracy and complexity of academically oriented methodologies, bodies of knowledge and standards. It is a stepping stone, from lack of project awareness to simple project management, to complex project management.

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