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About Project Knowmad


  • To empower project teams with knowledge,
  • to enhance project coordination,
  • and to create an ecosystem of talented project professionals who can join projects and build a career across projects, in the new Project Economy.

Differentiating benefit

Project Knowmad applies work flow management in the context of projects. It is the only tool in the market that supports complex project behaviour based on effective and transparent project work flow. Managing work flow effectively, Project Knowmad increases project control and enables effective project coordination.


Workflow is the sum of project processes and project behaviour. Coordination of workflow depends on effective management of project activity. Effective management of project activity is only possible if:

  • New activity is timely identified, analyzed, and delegated.
  • And secondly, project teams are agile and responsive to change. More specifically, team members need to respond to workflow triggers that may lead to new activity.